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Songbird Plant Lenders-Testimonials: Indoor Landscaping in Phoenix, Az.
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                 Pam Morgan
We service Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Queen Creek, Higley, Apache Junction, Glendale


We have worked with Songbird Plant Lenders for several years and have truly enjoyed them. Their service is great and both Dave and Pam care very deeply about the plants and service they provide. Outside of the weekly service, every few months either Dave or Pam will stop by just to check in and see how things are going and how the plants are looking.

I would highly recommend them!

Stefanie-Financial Services in Scottsdale, AZ

Songbird Plant Lenders has provided us with the most beautiful indoor plants for our office! The service is exceptional, the quality and price for their plants are also great. Thank you for greening our world!!

-Amber Kuhn (National EWP)

Songbird Plant Lenders has been maintaining and caring for our plants at the SRC at ASU for over a decade. Pam and Dave are very professional and dedicated to providing a great environment at our facility. They conduct weekly service of watering and cleaning of the plants. They also will move plants around to make a better transition throughout the facility. The plants are full of life and simply make the environment as soothing as you can make a recreational facility. Keep up the great work!

Doug Ewing
Associate Director| Facilities & Operations
ASU Campus Recreation

I would like to commend Dave and his crew for supplying such a wonderful array of plants at my place of employment! They are sized right for the specified area; healthy and beautiful in appearance; just the right touch for a health care facility! Dave is a very attentive plant "father" who weekly comes by to make sure the plants are very well cared for by watering, dusting the leaves and feeding with plant food. Occasionally, a plant will not be able to endure the traffic it receives from visitors. But thankfully, Dave always endeavors to replace it with a heartier variety. I personally enjoy sharing my space with such attractive plants!

Sam :)
Women's Center