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               Pam Morgan

Why Hire an Interior Plantscaper? 

Before the 1970's no one really new what an interior plantscaper was let alone hire one. Usually a secretary or some other unfortunate person in an office would be delegated the task of caring for the rubber tree or snake plant in the bosses office. Most office workers had no knowledge of plants let alone want to care for them. As the plants more>>

Plant Talk
Plant care tips and tricks. Folks always want to talk about their plants during our routine maintenance of their offices. We're happy to help with their personal plant questions.
                              Got a question about your plants?
Leave a message under "Contact" and we'll answer it here on "Plant Talk".

Plants to avoid: 
You see them at the grocery store-out front to intice you, in your walmarts and "home depot type stores. They come already planted in colorful pottery, feathery and inviting. "That would look great in my living room or patio" you think.. but beware! The local greenhouses looking to make a quick buck selling plants they know won't last long stuff more>>

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