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You see them at the grocery store-out front to entice you, in your walmarts and "home depot type stores. They come already planted in colorful pottery, feathery and inviting. "That would look great in my living room or patio" you think..but beware! The local greenhouses looking to make a quick buck selling plants they know won't last long stuff these plants into exotic-looking pottery with no regard for what happens after you get them home. Some of these plants end up in offices that mix with our professionally cared for plants to cause havoc and destruction.

Proper drainage is a necessity for long-term health of the plant-

The problem lies in pottery that has no drainage holes on the bottom. These greenhouses with no regard for the long-term of their product will plant these plants straight into pots, without drainage holes. Without drainage and improper watering techniques these plants become rotten in the pot inviting a world of problems with pest like fungus knats and molds. Avoid these plants. Many of these pots are not water-sealed on the inside therefore allowing moisture to permeate through the pottery to eventually eat away at the coloring ceramics on the outside. You end up with a blistered and unsightly pot destined for the back yard garden and deemed useless.

Better choice:

Pick your plants and containers separately. Place a saucer in the pot to catch the residual water. Allow space around the pot for aeration. Never plant plants directly into the pot unless there is a drainage hole.(except maybe for a lucky bamboo for one)

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