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Office Wall Art-Landscapes
As a semi-professional photographer, I enjoy all aspects of photography. You can see a variety of wall art landscapes at the button "Office Photo Art". Also you can see a large album at
Right now by "appointment only", I will do Easter Photos for the kids. Give us a call to schedule today and to discuss plants for your office or business.

Plants help in offices
Our human nature wants to connect with the outdoors. Research indicates that interior landscaping is not only desirable but a "must do green initiative to keep clients, tenants and customers happy and healthy. A professionally interior landscaped green business space can positively affect your bottom line while lifting one's spirits.

Office Digital Art
As part of our services as the top Interior Plant Care in Phoenix, we also offer Digital Art Prints for Office Walls. We know in the scheme of things, when a company is in the planning stage of office design, plants, walls, furniture are all part of the consideration for a smart and beautiful working environment.
Look under "Office Photo Art" to the left for ideas that may fit into your plans for a framed piece of art for your walls. Categories like; Seascapes,Europe,Deserts and many others may be just what you are looking for. More are being added all the time so stop by often.

It's Raining in Phoenix..Really it's raining
The anticipated rain has finally come to a town near you, if you're living in the Phoenix metro area. Another storm is to pass through tomorrow.
Many people have ask, "Is it alright to put the house plants out in the rain." My 1st answer is, it probsbly wouldn't hurt, but my 2nd thought is, if you forget to bring them in, and it gets down in the 40's, you
might have some damaged plants. Is it worth it to take the chance or the bother. No. My feelings, the benefits don't outway the risk.
In all the years we have been in business, that was never a temptation. I don't think our clients would want us to put their plants out in the
So, just enjoy them where they are. You be their rain and they'll be
just as happy and healthy.

The Bitter Cold of the Arizona Desert
We've had some unusually cold weather here in Phoenix this past month and more may be on the way. We are getting calls on patio plants taking the hit from the frost. It should go without saying, pets and indoor plants should stay indoors this time of year. Neither do well with the cold. Some succulents can handle it in covered areas like sansevieria, but they will start to show signs of damage as well, depending on their location. It's just smarter to bring them in, and wait out the cold. As far as your yard plants, if they weren't covered, you are already seeing the damage. Don't be tempted to prune back to soon. The plant will still be dying back a bit. Wait until mid to late Febuary, and the weather seems to be heating up towards spring. In the meantime, the dead growth acts as an insulator protecting the plant. Be patient. You'll be glad you did!

Christmas in July
With Phoenix being so hot who wants to think about Christmas in July. Well, we do and the growers of Poinsettias.
Just returning from a trip to California, growers need to know how many approximate orders will be placed for the coming holiday season. We have had happen on occasion in the past where we could not fulfill orders because of miscalculating the desires of our clients.
We normally send out flyers in November to get the orders in time for after Thanksgiving delivery.
So start thinking about Christmas in July and for our beloved clients get your orders in sooner rather than later to guarantee on time deliveries.

Pottery and Container Lease Returns
We've got some great deals on pottery that have come back from leases and rentals that are in great shape. Ceramics, terracotta, plastics in a numerous sizes. Call for prices and let us green your office or home today.

Hot Town Summer in the City
It's so hot in Phoenix.."You can fry an egg on the sidewalk". Well maybe not but anyone who lives in Phoenix will tell you 114 degrees is a scorcher.

In our business of house plants it is the hardest time of year to be transporting and installing plants. It only takes a moment in direct sunlight to turn a plant black and permanently damaged.

It's common for folks in the course of our workday to ask about plants, so we decided to start this blog to answer some common questions you all are asking.
Also check out our page on "Plant Talk" for more in-depth discussions on plant care.

Folks have ask "is it okay to put plants out on a covered patio?" My 1st reaction is no. At temperatures over a 100 degrees, good chance your indoor plants will get stressed and won't do well. If they get hit by any direct sunlight they will get burned and you will hate yourself in the morning.

The biggest reason not to take your plant back and forth outside is you take the chance of pest infecting the plants such as ants and fungus knats and alot of others I can't pronounce the names of. You then can infect other house plants when you bring them in.

So keep indoor plants in and out door plants out!

If you have a question about plants you would like to get an answer to- no problem I will do it for a tuna fish sandwich on toast. Just kidding! Leave your comment and we will get back to you.
Leave plants indoors to avoid this!

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